Network Spinal Analysis Revealed

By Dr. Anthony Biz

Dr. Anthony Biz, a Network Chiropractor in New York City, walks Tendu through the nuances of a unique healing modality

Traditional chiropractic focuses on an existing vertebral subluxation or compression of the nerve as it passes through the opening between the vertebra (commonly called a “pinched nerve”). Network chiropractors view this compression, a result of unprocessed pain and suffering, as a mechanical or physical stress from which the body is unable to recover. In contrast to conventional modalities, which manipulate and force spinal alignment, Network practitioners seek to detect and correct interferences and distortions through gentle spinal modifications. They are not focused solely on symptoms or on restoring an individual to the way they were before the problem occurred. NSA strives to create a new life for the person through initializing and encouraging the body’s natural tendency towards health.

Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) was founded by Dr. Donald Epstein and is an approach to wellness that helps the body develop abilities to self-heal. The fundamental intention of Network Care is to allow the brain to communicate with the tissue and body more efficiently. By applying low force contact at spinal gateways, the body is able to create and develop new strategies of living and being. The body actually learns to correct its own distortions. A more flexible body equals a more flexible mind. Decisions can then be made from a calm, more informed perspective, resulting in a greater quality of life and expression.

Past undigested events and unresolved stresses become logged in our cellular memory causing the body to assume a defensive physiology. These stresses/blocks are an emotional and physical drain and manifest as tension pockets along our spinal column. In a protective structural pattern our tissues and cells cause the body-mind to think differently and this creates a filter where we make decisions from a reactive, fearful, fight or flight mentality. By creating safety in the physical structure and increasing awareness of strain, the body can then learn to focus on its own internal strategies and move towards change. The stored tension in the physiology then serves as fuel for transformation. To change a problem in your life, you first have to realize there is a problem. It is the same thing with the body. If you can’t find it, you can’t fix it. Restoring the integrity of the spine and body helps us to create more efficient ways of moving, behaving and processing information. We are better equipped to handle challenges and can experience greater mental, physical, and spiritual well-being.

NSA is an excellent treatment for chronic injuries, which may appear and disappear at will. Moreover, it is beneficial for anyone seeking enhanced vitality and well-being. In addition to the practice of yoga, meditation, and massage, regular NSA sessions should be a part of a fit lifestyle, creating a standard of wholeness and wellness.

Dr. Biz is a healer and chiropractor. He provides a nonjudgmental space for people to access their inner knowing with the intention of elevating consciousness and kinesthetic knowledge shifting from a mentality of survival to one based on thriving and evolving. Dr. Biz explains physical imbalances, demonstrating how the spine is curved, locked and distorted, and reveals places of compensation. Honoring the healing journey, he trusts the core being’s intrinsic wisdom to restore harmony.

Contributing writer Dawn Colombo

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