We tend to not think of it this way, but we are electric beings. Every single one of our cells communicates with each other through an electromagnetic signal. If a doctor has ever ordered an EKG or EEG, what they are measuring is the electrical activity of your heart and brain, respectively. It has been well documented that normal healthy cells have a voltage of -70 to -90 millivolts. As a cell begins to lose voltage, the signaling begins to shut down and the body begins to disease. It is commonly accepted that when cells get below -20 millivolts, they turn cancerous. Now thing of how wide spread cancer is- and now think about how many people you hear of getting heart cancer. None, right? The reason being is that the heart has the most electrically charged cells of the body. Those cells will normally be around -200 millivolts, so they can’t become cancerous. What pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy allows us to do is to recharge the cells of your body and restore that voltage This not only allows us to charge your cells, but it aids in oxygen and nutrient uptake, detoxification, inflammation reduction, tissue repair and many other healing benefits. It is literally like putting a cell phone on a charger and refilling the battery of energy that it has to run all its applications. The more apps you have open the faster the battery drains. What would happen if you never recharged your phone?